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Glastonbury ShopGlastonbury Shop

We have a Colour of Sound Shop in the heart of the beautiful and enchanting Glastonbury with its breathtaking Tor, glorious Chalice Wells Gardens and tranquil Abbey ruins. It is currently open as a showroom available to view at most times.

Our shop is run in conjunction with our Colour of Sound online shop.

We sell an extensive and varied range of sacred sound therapy tools and instruments from around the world as well as colour therapy related products including a large range of Aura-Soma products.

How to find us

Colour of Sound is a sole trading company registered at 5 Sandpits rd, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8EH UK.


* Normal statutory terms apply to refunds and replacements etc

* Delivery costs will be given online at the time of placing your web order online. For Mail Order customers we will quote delivery cost at the time of ordering.

* Secure payment can be made online via all major Debit and Credit cards. Mail order customers can also pay by cheque but orders will not be sent out to mail order customers until cheque's have cleared.

* Orders are sent out via Royal Mail Recorded Delvery or Royal Mail Special Delivery and or Parcel Delivery Services depending on the the items ordered.

* Some crystal singing bowls are sent out direct from the USA and when they apply to deliveries in the UK are subject to UK import tax and VAT. We will inform you at the time of ordering if your crystal bowls are subject to this statutory charge in the UK.

* All crystal bowls are available in all notes. All notes and colours may not be available immediately. We will inform you via email if your first choice is not available and offer you a potential alternative and or lead time on your first choice.

* All Items not in stock can be placed on back order and will then be forwarded to you as soon as they become available. We will inform you via email immediately if items are not in stock to ask if you would like the item/s ordered to be placed on back order. Payment will not be taken for out of stock items until they are in stock and ready to be sent out to you for delivery.

* Delivery time for the UK mainland and Northern Ireland is normally 3 to 7 working days. Delivery for European and international orders is normally 14 to 30 working days.

We stock a large selection of colour and sound related product in the shop and online including:
- Quarts Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls
- Bells, Chimes, Gongs and Harmony Balls
- World Drums including a large selection of Shamanic Drums
- Rhythm and grounding instruments from around the world
- Aura-Soma Equilibrium, Pomanders, Quintessences, Essences, Arch Angeloi,Books and 0resources etc
- Colour and Sound related books, music, DVD's and cards etc
- Tuning Forks sets, books and CD's
- Authentic Native American Drums, Rattles, Herbs, Fans and Feathers

Where applicable, we sell Fair Trade products, because we firmly believe in offering quality products that will help not only those who purchase them but also those who produce them.
We stock a large selection of colour and sound related product in the shop and online including:
Colour of Sound Institute

In conjunction with our shop in Glastonbury and on the web we are linked with the Colour of Sound Institute which is a specialist Sacred Sound Therapy and Aura-Soma Colour Therapy professional training organisation that was founded by Rachael Burnett P.ASIACT, T. ASIACT, M.IAC, BCMA reg. Rachael has worked with both Sacred Sound and the Aura-Soma Colour Therapy system for many years and is passionate about the amazing potential both colour and sacred sound offer in transforming the body, mind and spirit. You can find more details online at

Rachael trained extensively in both sacred sound and colour therapy which have their roots in the ancient systems of holistic and spiritual philosophies. These sacred therapies allow gentle healing, transformation and spiritual development to take place in a gentle yet dynamic way.

Rachael teaches the courses and is Principal of the Colour of Sound Institute. Rachael is an experienced Sacred Sound Therapy Practitioner and Teacher with a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of Sacred Sound Therapy. Rachael is an experienced and accredited registered Aura-Soma Teacher and Level 4 qualified Advanced Aura-Soma Practitioner and member of the International Association of Colour. Rachael has spent many years working with both Sacred Sound and Aura-Soma and is deeply committed to the research, training and development of both as complementary and holistic therapies.

All of our Aura-Soma training courses are accredited by the Aura-Soma International Training Academy and Rachael is registered with them as an accredited Practitioner and Teacher. Our Sacred Sound Therapy Practitioner training courses have been approved by the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA). The Colour of Sound Institute is on their register of approved Independent Schools/Colleges. In conjunction with this Rachael has been approved by the BCMA with a license to teach Sacred Sound Therapy. All our Sacred Sound students and practitioners can become members of the BCMA and Aura-Soma students can become registered practitioners with the Aura-Soma International Academy.

If you are looking to train in Sacred Sound Therapy or Aura-Soma our experience and expertise offers you added assurance as to our commitment to professional standards through our specialist training courses. If you would like to organise a Sacred Sound Therapy Treatment or an Aura-Soma Consultation you can be assured that our practitioners have achieved a high degree of training and excellence. Whether you are looking to train in Sacred Sound or Aura-Soma or seeking a practitioner you can be assured that you will be working in partnership with an organisation that adheres to professional standards and who are approved by one of the leading bodies representing complementary medicine as well as one of the most recognised and respected colour therapy academies in the world
Colour of Sound ethos

We are sincerely committed to the support and advancement of professional, quality standards in the specialist field of Sacred Sound and Colour Therapy as well as Holistic Complementary therapies as a whole. We believe whole heartedly in both Sacred Sound and Colour Therapies enormous positive potential as holistic therapeutic systems.

Our teaching method places its emphasis on individual personal development, combined with scientific and spiritual philosophies, unique healing techniques and ancient wisdom. Our training offers the keys to open up to new levels of learning and perception, combined with practical hands on experience in our comprehensive professional practitioner training courses, experiential workshops, retreats and correspondence courses that are open and accessible to all.

All UK courses and workshops are held in Glastonbury which for the last two thousand years at least has been a place of spiritual pilgrimage. Glastonbury is an amazing and inspiring place to discover, learn about and experience the sacred healing arts of sound and colour. It is believed to be the heart centre of the Earth, the ancient isle of Avalon a place of myth and exceptional healing and spiritually uplifting energy. What better place to learn about and experience sacred sound and colour therapy?
The Colour of Sound Institute provides Sacred Sound, Aura-Soma and Colour Therapy courses both in the UK and Japan including:

- Sacred Sound Therapy Practitioner Training Courses
- Aura-Soma Practitioner Training Courses
- Colour and Sound related Workshops
- Sound and Colour retreats in Glastonbury
- Sound and Colour Correspondence Courses
The Colour of Sound Institute provides Sacred Sound, Aura-Soma and Colour Therapy courses both in the UK and Japan including: